Lost Your User id and Password of psc One time registration?

Lost Onetime Registration ID and Password?

Get User id and Password of Kerala PSC One time registration.

Lost your user id and password of psc one time registration? Use this SMS facility for getting the User id and reseting the password. Many candidates accidentally lost/ missed user id and password of their profile. But this is a must for login to your one time registered account or profile. So, if you don’t know your User id or password, you can choose the SMS facility of Kerala PSC to know your user id and password. For this SMS to the following Mobile number in the given format from the mobile number that you have used in the Profile registration.
SMS the appropriate option to 537252 from the mobile no. which was given or last updated in your Profile.

To Know UserID


To Reset Password:


e.g if your UserID is Rahul and Date of Birth is 15/04/1986, then the SMS format will be:
KPSC RST Rahul 15041986

Hall Ticket Availability of PSC

You can use the SMS option given by the Kerala PSC to check the availability of Hallticket. For this, please send an SMS in the following format to the given number.

KPSC<space>HT To 537252 (from any mobile)

To know Barcode number of Application

If You lost your barcode number of any application, you can retrieve it by Sending SMS in the below format to 537252.
eg: If the Category Code is 178/2012, then SMS format will be KPSC BC 1782012.


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